Yes There Was A Storm

Yes there was a storm
The herons cried through the night
We still continued.

Yes there was a storm
I was tossed around and yet
My boat stayed afloat.

Yes there was a storm
Ended in peaceful silence
As the gusts subside.

Clouds, rain, thunder, wind
You and I by love joined
Yes there was a storm.

Now the gale has stopped
But my Love is still with me
Loving my soul forever.

Now this Love brings joy
Beyond my fanciful dreams
Of all human love.

The peace of my soul
Brings me here to say these words
I belong to You.

Now you are the Storm
That blows me on toward my bliss
 And ne’er will I change.

Yes I belong to You
In ways I never could have dreamed
Close in soul and mind.

Father You draw me
With each wave and lightning flash
That teach me to love.

Each raindrop falling
Cleans my soul of its sin
And brings my mind peace.

Oh never deserved
Your storm is teaching me more
Than human love can.

Thunder of Your voice
Has called me to come to you
Before I even knew.

And before I cared
You blew your mighty currents
Calling me to You.

Why did I deserve
The love and grace You offered
To gather me in?

Your winds beckon home
All lost in their private storms
To bring their boats in.

Finding Your shelter
Security in your port
Safe forever more.

That You have given me storms
To teach me Your truths.

Without all the storms
Could I even comprehend
All You do for me?

Yes we are the storm!
You loving me without end
And I at last hear.

You drawing me in
Finally I come to You
Now a rainbow shines.

Corinne H. Mustafa
September, 2002


Patty said...

A beautiful poem Corinne. I was just listening last night to a sermon about the storms we going through and the importance of us not getting out of His boat. No matter houw stormy - stay in His boat - God will safely bring us through!

Corinne Mustafa said...

Thank you Patty